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Lands of Ayrenia Chronicles: The Bloodline Saga Book III: The Storm Gathers - Summer 2016

Three hundred years have passed since Tessa Oak walked Ayrenia.

The future she foresaw has come to bear.

The Cult of Purity dominates most of Ayrenia. Their only purpose is to cleanse the lands of those who use Magic. Standing in their way is Hunter Storm, who was given a task by The Oracle: letters telling him who to save and who needs to meet. But one of those letters told of four very different heroes who would come together to save Ayrenia. The Dragon Rider, the Elf, the Mage, and the Metallic Dragon. Some were completely opposed to Magic and others had no idea of the powers they held within them. Different catastophes set them on their paths to Hunter, and he must help them see past their differences and their pasts in order to work together to survive. The bloodline of a god lives on in heroes.