About The Bloodline Saga

- a long story of heroic achievement 
- a long involved story, account, or series of incidents

- legend - story 

The Bloodline Saga book 1: Bloodline

The Lands of Ayrenia was once a place that flourished with Magic until the Cataclysm, an event that eradicated all Magic. Three hundred years have passed since, and the gods seek a way to bring Magic back into the dying world. They 

choose Braelyn, a descendant of the Mage who caused the Cataclysm. She is taken by pirates and sold as a gladiator. Born to a warrior clan Braelyn rises in the ranks until the gods call upon her. Then she embarks on a quest with 

friends to a lost land that no one has set foot on in three hundred years.

The Bloodline Saga book 2: Red Dragon

The orphan Autumn Storm discovers her heritage and the Magic of shapeshifting. Autumn and her friends start their own mercenary group called The Red Dragon and come face to face with Demons that have broken loose

 from Shadow and who seek to destroy her world. Years later, Tessa Oak sets out from her home, fearful of her Magic and not knowing her true heritage. She seeks to find the man who is her father, and to join the famed Red Dragon 

Rangers. Tessa's Magic turns out to be more powerful than she could ever imagine and she must fight for the survival of Ayrenia.

The bloodline of a god brings heroes back to Ayrenia in a time of great need.

**'The Bloodline Saga' is about the descendants of the Great Mage, and then Braelyn, who become heroes in times of need for Ayrenia.**